Peter Pan

Peter Pan
The smile, the charm, the words,
the spark,
Everything, you had it
I guess I had a naive heart,
cause boy,
I let you have it
You said I was your only,
I never thought you'd leave me
You're just a lost boy, with
your head up in the clouds
You're just a lost boy, never
keep your feet on the ground
You're always gonna fly away,
just because you know you can
You're never gonna learn there's
no such place as Neverland
You don't understand
You'll never grow up
You're never gonna be a man,
Peter Pan
Deep down, I knew that you were
too good to be true
But every piece and part of me
wanted to believe in you
But now it's happily ever never
I guess now I know better
You're just a lost boy, with

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