What Is This

What Is This
Mona Lisa, how long have I
waited for this day
For us to take a ride in my
cranberry lay
You got the scented Claiborne,
the look of Mary K.
And a rock on your finger like
you took a married name
We stop at your favorite spot to
get your Mary Jane
You been smokin' for years,
funny things never change
Your all that I need, in and not
in every way
Yes, you could say I felt Method
Man and Mary J.
"What is this" (just chill it)
"Who are you" (come feel it)
"Is this su-" (-perficial, love
is certain)
I got a pocket full of fitties
Drunk pissy, doing
deuce-sixties, my niggaz comin'
wit me
I go by the name of tre' thirty,
sick birdie
I can't sleep at night dog I'm
I take my mans ta the spot, when

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