Hard Knock Days(English Version)

Hard Knock Days(English Version)

作詞:Shoko Fujibayashi/Maria Okada

作曲:HIKARI/Stephan Elfgren

Let's do it again
you know what I mean baby
No one can make
my dream come true
Don't you feel it?
I really don't know what is
Something is testing me everyday
Hey let's go let's fly away
I know I never
wanna come back here
Hey let's go let's fly away
The great unknown
there are no rules
Standing up,
blow it up my dream
is getting wilder
I'm not afraid beat me hit me
I will never turn around oh
Another day another chance
you know it's never too late
If I can do it so can you!
Only winner
(We gotta go together
baby glory road)
it's my life it's your life
Fighting for tomorrow go get
what you really want
I want more and you want more
come on open up the door
Here we go
it's my life it's your life
Run like the wind jump higher
yeah I know you're strong
Believe you can achieve
your goal
Let's keep on going
Hard knock days
Let's do it again
now hold your breath baby
Here you hiding
with your tiger eyes
Set your spirits,
mind and soul free
Get ready to rule this world
Hey let's go just hold my hand
the longest way round
is the nearest way home
Hey let's go dance in the rain
No one can say
you're fool you're cool
Standing up,
gearing up the future's
coming soon
So inspiring
you're my best friend
and my rival forever oh
Don't look down never give up
the dream will take you forward
We gonna be the champions
Go to the top
(We gotta go together

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