Do you remember ?

Do you remember ?

Track by BIGMAMA


作詞:金井 政人


How many grays did I lose to?
The course on your left
hand is overwhelming
I can't bear my
lightness of being
Give me the balloon
It'll sweep me of the ground
He knocks the door and
keeps on the action
The sign doesn't
come back anymore
Open up, But the sliding door
is closed and freezes the world
He waits and waits
But the pallet is still dull
The sign doesn't
comeback anymore
No matter how hard he tries,
the sight adds no bright
Do you remember? …
All the night
Do you remember? …
The promise we made together
Do you remember? …
All the night
Now I say to myself
over and over
Come with me
The "yes" sign you gave
How much was the deal?

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