The Knowledge

The Knowledge

Track by Janet Jackson




Insight to what's going on Information keeps us strong What you don't know can hurt you bad Take it from me you'll be walkin' around sad Cryin' for a better day Until you educate for a better way So if you wanna be in control Ya gotta get yourself in the know Chorus: Get the knowledge That you really want The knowledge Do you really want It's the knowledge What you really want The knowledge That you really want Spreading vise don't believe the hype You don't find the knowledge in a pipe Too many lives go up in smoke It's nice to laugh but don't be the joke To get over get better Try to be the possessor Of the one thing we all need in life To succeed take my advice Repeat Chorus Prejudice No! Ignorance No! Bigotry No! Illiteracy No! Listen it's up to everyone If we're gonna change the way the world is run The way to start is to rid the children of Prejudice & ignorance We've gotta teach our kids to read & write That's the only way to win this fight for life Education is the goal so If you wanna be in the know get the knowledge It's the one thing we all need in life Repeat Chorus

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