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All I Do

All I Do

Track by B5


Whats up? How you doin'? I've bin seein' you from across the room and yuh know I just need your attention for a few minutes Is that cool with you? Yeah Aight check it I can't wait to get to school each day And wait for you to pass my way And bells start to ring An angel starts to sing Hey that's the girl for you So what are you gonna do Hey little girl I love you (I love you so) [Chorus] All I do is think of you (baby I, that's all I do) I can't get you outta my mind (think about you all the time) All the time I begin to take the long way home Just so I can be alone To think of how to say That my heart is here to stay Hey I'm in love with you I think the world of you So won't you please..please be mine (all mine) [Chorus] You know what girl I'm in love I can say it Yeah I ain't scared I'm in love People say I'm to young to be in love But I know what I'm feelin' And this is real I don't know what it is But I can't stop thinkin' bout you (I think about you all the time) [Chorus]

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