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40th Street Black / We Will Fight

40th Street Black / We Will Fight

Track by Wu-Tang Clan


作詞:C. Smith/D. Hill/E. Turner/G. Grice/J. Hunter/L. Hawkins/R. Bean/R. Diggs

Chorus: We will fight Till the night is done We live our lives tonight as one We live our lives tonight as one Verse 1:INSPECTAH DECK Uh, I'm a bad motha shut yo' mouth Insanity DVD how I stretch em out What the stress about I ain't as best out You knew that before we left the house Fresh as the produce section Gaze at my shine like a showroom necklace Death wish, steppin' in Deck's direction I'm checkin nigga's like test questions Verse 2: MASTA KILLA Cross 110th nah Cross Belmont and Montauk Tomahawks stalk the sidewalk Pots to piss in and pimps dope slippers Money give us stretch the muscle nigga's bust you Hustle jewel you, gave your first tooly Cuttin' out of school to pump your first loosely Then graduate to weight Take it out of state, duct tape Anything opposing, heron, MC's frozen Cuban link chains are golden I'm holdin' Everywhere I'm openin' up to keep it raw My math got em comin' back for more Verse 3: METHOD MAN Man I'm so turnt up All The Marijuana burnt up Ya'll don't want no drama, word up The Wu first up The game is the world first us Ya'll was good 'til the world heard us! Ya'll don't want them clam birds up Ya'll don't want ya man served up That'll get the fans worked up Homie really wanna play, stir it up! I'm a catch me wave, surf's up! Ridin' on the track like this Make me wanna act like this Make me wanna smack that trick Make a killa really wanna yap that kid If he open up his yap that's it! Chorus Verse 4: GZA Mass and minerals in a glass house Playin' forth the Wu we blast out Lettin' off verbal thunderbolts To the world attract old and younger folks Charged with divine talent and altruism A large reality with massive rhythm A manual without the technical part From the beginning give off electrical spark Verse 5: CAPPADONNA I respect you if you respect me Everything is for real, WTC No fake ass shit don't front the remy Break bread, never have pockets empty Let's get it, flip it up then we can split it The money train, killa bees on ya brain W's everywhere, one on ya' chain Homeboys for life, please don't change You could hide at my house it ain't no thang If you see the pigs don't say jack Call me original, don't say Cap I'm on the low, might be at the murder Holdin' up a place ya'll cats never heard of, yeah Chicks wanna peep me out Nasty ass want me to pee in their mouth And then I'm about to link with sticks Chorus Verse 6: U-GOD Bang a few notes Up top we call it beast mode Forget the street code Shawty like to deep throat It's get rougher You'll surfer from the heat stroke Blast barrels and brains release smoke Park Hillians, ready for back up Probably you should act up Nigga need a backup Syrup in my cup, no cut straight up U-G's on the court, never miss a lay-up! Verse 7: RZA The MC's came to live out their names Some off the bus some off the trains Some mothafuckas wish they never came When they met the 9 swordsmen of Wu-Tang Now Maserati pulls up to the spotty, hard body The party is filled with God body Designer shaped models coming through with gold bottles Double D's please All eyes follow pass me a bucket of ice that's nice Hit with the vodka what you say plopper I drink with the coppa's show up in the proper Stop her, she wanna have a menage a trois I can tell by the bra RZA why is the keem is the Ra There's a law an art you wish upon a star Do you wish, a wish upon a star Chorus(x3)

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