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Styles(Album Version (Explicit)) feat. Jadakiss

Styles(Album Version (Explicit)) feat. Jadakiss

f/ Jadakiss Yeah, Holiday, Gary I don't want y'all to compare me to niggas no more Unless they got a case pending Unless they poke somethin up Unless they keepin it real gutter, y'know (Verse 1) SP I'm the closest thing to poison it is you think you hot, I'ma boil your kid you think you cool, I'ma throw you in the river wit some cement shoes you could sleep with the fishes Niggas actin funny so I gotta keep it movin I dont speak to the bitches We could handle this like gangstas Dog, I'll kidnap your little man and send you to the banker That money get dropped off, so do he Right off the booth of his mama' building Feel the drama building Told y'all niggas don't fuck wit P I said fuck rap and a verse I get down like the bishops, wit the way you clap at the hearse I get it crunk wit a blunt and a package of verc I'm in the shottie of the Cadillac wit niggas that'll take twenty a body, the shottie will handle that (HOOK: Styles and Jadakiss) Styles Paniro the most, you hearin the Ghost Styles Holiday shit, it's robbery shit Nigga talkin funny then body the kid, let's go Styles Mafia boss, rockin the corpse Styles Pullin the three, cockin the four Styles We're closin the windows and lockin the doors You could die today Or you could die tomorrow, baby boy the option is yours, c'mon (Verse 2) I smoke weed cuz the future is grim I'm knockin this ash off the dutch on the roof of your Benz my lil man been runnin since the shootin begin y'all niggas talk about cases of Crist' I talk about cases where niggas get life of the shit and your girl visit two years, mom come forever but near one of your mans aint right wit his shit but like corn I'ma flip, smokin weed influenced by the fix and old timers with the toolies by the hips So come and creep wit me and I aint lyin when I tell these motherfuckers that I got the streets in me one felony, wit two cases beat so be about your business when you come and beef wit me I got coke for sale and I got dope for sale if you wanna cop some work you oughta come and speak wit me (HOOK) (Verse 3) Y'all niggas know my name, but you don't know my style What make it all ironic is the shit is the same Keep a milli in the coat, puffin on the chronic in the hood wit my niggas that's distributin 'caine If your man get bodied, number one rule is you body somethin back then live with the pain young guns of this shit, so when I get hit I'ma yell Sheek and 'Kiss let's finish the game I got discipline and dedication I'm the boss of the S N F, that's the Shootin Niggas Federation Light a blunt and get cloudy wit me Go get your gun and get rowdy wit me It's a Holiday dog, mouth big, you could swallow the four Don't you ask me what I'm robbing you for, what cuz you was talkin big money and I'm a little broke and I'm a firm believer in equality dog, what (HOOK) - 2X


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