Track by Why Don't We


作詞:Daniel Davidsen/Ed Drewett/Ian James/Cutfather/Peter Wallevik

作曲:Daniel Davidsen/Ed Drewett/Ian James/Cutfather/Peter Wallevik

Friday night, nothin' on
And now I got all of my friends
tryna call my phone
And I'm feelin' like
I wanna get in my zone
So let me know, let me know,
let me know if the party's on
'Cause your friend's daddy
got a real big house
Real big house, real big house
Heard they gone away,
we can all hang out
All hang out 'til Monday
My friend Freddie
got a real fast car
Real fast car, real fast car
Won't take long
'cause it ain't that far,
ain't that far
All we want,
is a little place that we can
All have fun, and I swear
I won't break a thing
All we want, is a little place
where we can dance
I know you understand
Let me know it's on
and I'll bring my friends
I can introduce them
to all your friends
If they get along,
we can all be friends
Or I could come alone,
just me, you, on our own
And I know they look like
they get up to no good
But they ain't nothin'
but a lot of fun
once you get to know
And I can cook, yeah,
you won't even
have to do a thing
Tell me what you wanna drink

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