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Secret Lovers

Secret Lovers

Here we are the two of us together Taking this crazy chance to be all alone We both know that we should not be together, 'Cause if they found out It could mess up, both our happy homes. I hate to think about us all meeting up together, As soon as I looked at you it would show on my face. Then they'll know that we've been loving each other. They can never no, no, no, no, we can't leave a trace. Sittin at home I do nothing all day But think about you and hope that your ok. Hoping you'll call before anyone gets home I'll wait anxiously, the phone. How could something so wrong be so right. I wish we didn't have to keep our love out of sight Living two lives just ain't easy at all But we gotta hang on and after fall. Secret lovers that's what we are Trying so hard to hide the way we feel Cause we both belong to someone else But we can't let it go, cause what we feel is oh so real So real... You and me, are we fair Is this cruel, or do we care. Can they tell what's in our minds Maybe they've had secret love all of the time In the middle of makin love we notice the time We both get nervous cause it's way after nine. Even though we hate it, we know it's time that we go We gotta be careful, so that no one will know. Secret lovers, that's what we are, Trying so hard to hide the way we feel, 'Cause we both belong to someone else, But we can't let it go 'Cause what we feel is oh so real So real!

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