作詞:Ricci Riera/James Blake/Sounwave/Kendrick Lamar

作曲:Ricci Riera/James Blake/Sounwave/Kendrick Lamar

New Kung Fu Kenny
Ain't nobody prayin' for me
Y'all know, what happens
on Earth stays on Earth
Here we go!
I don't give a fuck,
I don't give a fuck
I don't give a, I don't give a,
I don't give a fuck
I'm willin' to die for this shit
I done cried for this shit,
might take a life for this shit
Put the Bible down and go eye
for an eye for this shit
D.O.T. my enemy, won't catch
a vibe for this shit, ayy
I been stomped out
in front of my mama
My daddy commissary made it
to commas
Bitch, all my grandmas dead
So ain't nobody prayin' for me,
I'm on your head, ayy
Thirty millions later,
know the feds watchin'
Auntie on my Telegram, like,
"Be cautious!"
I be hangin' out at Tam's,
I be on Stockton
I don't do it for the 'Gram,
I do it for Compton
I'm willin' to die for this
I'll take your fuckin' life
for this shit, nigga
We ain't goin' back to broke,
family sellin' dope
That's why
you mainey-ass rap niggas
better know
If I gotta slap
a pussy-ass nigga,
I'ma make it look sexy
If I gotta go hard on a bitch,
I'ma make it look sexy
I pull up, hop out, air out,
made it look sexy
They won't take me
out my element
Nah, take me out my element
I'm allergic to a bitch nigga,
An imaginary rich nigga, ayy
Seven figures, ho,
that's slimmer
than my bitch figure, ayy
Goin' digital and physical
on all y'all, ayy
Bunch of criminals and money
in my phone calls, ayy
We okay, we let the A1 fly
Relocate, jump on the same G5
Checkin' for me heavy
'cause I go, yeah, I go, yeah
They never been ready—yeah,
I know, yeah, know, yeah
100K spread across the floor,
'cross the floor, yeah
None of y'all fuckin'
with the flow, yeah, the flow,

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