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Hope You Understand

Hope You Understand



作詞:Grace Sewell/Parker Ighile/Victoria Akintola

作曲:Grace Sewell/Parker Ighile/Victoria Akintola

I can be on your brain on your mind I can be like a crane for your vibe Oh no I can't be in your plans all the time Don't you play with me Heard you play all the time PRE-CHORUS: I act pretty when I'm with my girls And you act silly when you're with your boys And I got problems but I guess they're mine And I got issues but I guess they're yours And my friends try to get it they never Keep it to myself like whatever CHORUS: And when I'm on my own I think of ways to tell ya And when it comes out wrong I hope you understand That when I'm alone I think of ways to show ya I put in a song I hope you understand I can be like a flame in the night I can be like a rain on your fire No, no I can't be on a chain, I'm alive Don't you play with me Heard you play all the time PRE-CHORUS CHORUS BRIDGE Sometimes I sit and I wonder I try but just stare at your number It's hard to say why I'm so worried FORGIVE MY ATTITUDE I'm sorry You only wanna know me better I dismissed your s**t like whatever CHORUS

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