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You Are My Heart (Album Version)

You Are My Heart (Album Version)

Track by Lara Fabian


作詞:Walter Afanasieff

作曲:John Bettis

How did I ever get to here Why do I need you Why do I have to cry these tears Where do they lead to I used to be so strong alone When I was standing on my own Now I don't know what to do Was I too proud or just too blind What does it matter When love was in these hands of mine I let it shatter The pieces scattered to the wind I'll never have them here again But I'll remeber how we were The rest of time Chorus: You are my heart How could I ever let you go You are my soul I had to lose my soul to know How much you mean To me, you are my heart I think I see you everywhere Isn't that crazy I still reach out to feel you there Lying beside me I've learned a lot since you've been gone About what I am and what I want I know I only want to be in love with you Repeat chorus Theres the sun to light the day My colors turned to gray The day I saw you walk away Now there's nothing left to say But when I dream, I pray(I pray you were there) That life could be like yesterday Repeat chorus

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