Out on the Town

Out on the Town

Track by Fun.


作詞:Fun./Jeff Bhasker/Emile Haynie

作曲:Fun./Jeff Bhasker/Emile Haynie

i set all my regrets on fire
cause i know
i'll never take the time
to unpack my missteps
or call all of our friends
i figured they would
take your side
i make the bed,
just not that well
your name comes up a lot
when i talk to my mom
oh i think she can tell
i was out on the town
so i came to your window
last night
i tried not to throw stones
but i wanted to come inside
now i'm causing a scene
thinking you need a reason
to smile
oh no, what have i done?
there is no one to keep me warm
so maybe i should
put out the fire
i call them back and borrow
a box knife
so i can learn to live
with all the stupid s***
i've been doing since '99
and i know i can be more clever
and i know i can be more strong
but i'm waiting for the day
you'll come back and say
"hey, maybe i should
change my mind"
i drink a lot
i'm not sure if that's new
but these days when I wake up
from a night I forgot
i just wish that

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