Hip Hop Hooray

Hip Hop Hooray
Give it up for Naughty By Nature
Hip Hop Hooray,
You drew a picture of my morning
But you couldn't make my day
I'm rocking and you're yawning
But you never look my way (hey!)
I'm licking down you darling
In every single way (hey!)
Your funny flow is foreign and
a green card's on the way
This ain't got shit to do with
But watch your Head 'n Shoulders
Brother older bold enough to
fold ya
Yo, I told ya
A raid afraid of what I made
and played em plus a funky fit
So save ya flips and tricks
Put that music in the monkey bit
Triggas from the Grill town Ill
Some ask how it feels now
The deal is that we're real so
we're still 'round
Don't lamp with a freestyle
Ain't tryin' to be handsome
Shrinkin' what ya thinkin'
cause I'm vampin'
I live and die for Hip Hop
This is Hip Hop of today
I give props to Hip Hop
So Hip Hop Hooray,
Hip Hop Hooray,
You heard a lot about a brother
gainin' mo' ground
Being lowdown
I do the showdown with any
little ho' 'round (NO!)
I wanna know who you're
Through your funny reasons
Even when I'm sleepin' you
think I'm cheating
You said I know you're mister
O.P.P man
You P.P man
Won't only see me man
You should've know that I ain't
hitting the step
That I was with it a bit
Not to consider the rep (Heck!)
I did your partner cause she's
hot as a baker
Cause I'm Naughty By Nature
Not cause I hate ya
You put your heart in a part of
a part that spreads apart
And forgot that I forgave when
you had a spark
You try to act like something

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