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Great Expectations

Great Expectations

Track by The Strypes


作詞:Ross Farrelly/Josh McClorey/Pete O'Hanlon/Evan Walsh

作曲:Ross Farrelly/Josh McClorey/Pete O'Hanlon/Evan Walsh

Johnny's still got all his confirmation money, That you won't let him spend, Works on the buildings, 6am in the summer, And you give him twenty percent, Johnny's got a lot of conflicting ideas in his head, And he's oh so afraid, He got himself a power-rack and a new haircut, He's just trying to make the grade. Pre Chorus But those old routines won't get you far, 'Cause those old routines ain't what we are. Chorus Oh Rosie, He won't let you down. Verse Can't leave this town for fear of independence, Yeah boy polish that ball and chain, And why ever leave this sacred place of worship? When everywhere else probably looks the same, Just get yourself a girl that you don't really love, And stay together for the kids, Or you could stand up straight and walk outside, And go ahead and live Pre Chorus Chorus Bridge And all I see, Is this great expectation, Hanging over you and me, And now you're lying on the floor man, Head in hands feeling low, You'd just love to get it straight, You pray for 1958, Well go Johnny Go Go.

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