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Lights Out feat. Fat Trel

Lights Out feat. Fat Trel

作詞:Chris Brown/Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson/Jess Jackson/Estefany Perez/Martrel Reeves

作曲:Chris Brown/Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson/Jess Jackson/Estefany Perez/Martrel Reeves

[Intro: Chris Brown] Girl, just come home with me You in the passenger, I'm in there drivin' girl You kissin' all on me Lickin' my neck while my hands on your thigh And I'm makin' that pussy leak Know just what you want Cause you gettin' weak And I know that you a freak Oh, girl [Pre-chorus: Chris Brown] Girl I know you're down from cryin' I know you're listenin' to what I'm sayin' Your body even started up this conversation We should really take this inside When I'm inside Yeah let's get it [Chorus: Chris Brown] We party all night, girl you leave in the morning Girl, when you ride it I like you perform it You a bad motherfucker, you the shit right now Play your position, we switchin' positions Lights out [Verse 1: Chris Brown] Girl I'm about to lay the sheets down And I'mma eat it on the floor If you see what you mean to me But first I need you on all fours Now, ass up, face down When we're lovin' Slow motion, in and out Girl when you rain I'mma break you off Really need to take them panties off Your body on my body keepin' wet, baby Lickin' on it got my dick way too hard Girl, I'm just in it explorin' I got the camera recordin' Makin' that pussy to sore then And you get it again and you're moanin' [Pre Chorus: Chris Brown] [Chorus: Chris Brown] [Verse 2: Tyga] Ah, drop huns on some new shit right now I ain't talkin' yesterday, I mean right now New automo out Lingerie on, got you all wifey down Where you wanna be right now Ridin' on top now you follow my top Who she wanna be right now Got you follow my pomps now that ass is the bomb Ah versatile got you say song on the couch lips off fresh off the 25th I'll eat like chow Lick it down, use your mouth Light up a blunt and we zone till the morning Back to the sex and performin' it's time I'll make sure we recordin' [Verse 3:Fat Trel] Call me on the phone, then she open up the door I be skippin' all the kissin', get to hit it on the floor Take her to the kitchen, so many different positions Fuck her real slow, she talkin' I like to listen On the road with her, she don't like to pay attention All this money on my mind, but the pussy what I'm missin' Forget the penitentiary, I'm left with what's whip I'm sneakin', we freakin', no sleep on the weekend But I just want to hit it by the lake, from the back From the front while I'm grippin' her face I just want to give her what you can't Fly all around the world, poppin' bottles ace I just want to take her to the bank, shoppin' trip What you get, DC, LA I should let her meet CB He a freak She can give ma young nigga what he needs [Pre-chorus: Chris Brown] [Chorus: Chris Brown] [Outro] You a bad motherfucker, you the shit right now Play your position, we switchin' positions Lights out

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