93 'Til Infinity

93 'Til Infinity



Yo whassup, this is Tajai of
the mighty Souls of Mischief
I'm chillin with my man Phesto,
my man A-Plus
and my man Op', you know he's
dope (yo)
But right now y'know we just
maxin in the studio
We hailin from East Oakland,
California and, um
sometimes it gets a little
hectic out there
But right now, yo, we gonna up
you on how we just chill
Dial the seven digits, call up
Her man's a midget; plus she
got friends, yo, I can dig it
Here's a forty, swig it, y'know
it's frigid
I got 'em chillin in the
cooler, break out the ruler
Damn! That's the fattest stog'
I ever seen
The weather's heat in Cali;
gettin weeded makes it feel
like Maui
Now we feel the good vibrations
So many females, so much
I get inspired by the blunts
too (too)
I'll front you (you) if you
hang with a bunk crew (chump)
I roam the strip for bones to
When I find one, I'm done; take
her home and quickly do this
I need not explain this (nahh)
A-Plus is famous - so get the
Hey miss! Who's there? I'm
through there
No time to do hair; the flick's
at eight, so get straight
You look great - let's grub now
A rub down sounds flavor; later
there's the theatre
We in the gut, the cinema, was
Take her to the crib so I can
stroke her
Kids get broke for their skins
when I'm in
close range, I throws game at
your dip like handball
cause the man's all that
All fat - I be the chill from
93 'til
(Chorus: S.O.M.)
Yeah, this is how we chill from
93 'til
This is how we chill from 93
This is how we chill from 93
This is how we chill from 93
Uh-huh, this is how we chill
from 93 'til
This is how we chill, from 93
This is how we chill from 93
This is how we chill.. from 93
Huh, my black Timbs do me well
When I see a fool and he says
he heard me tell (what?)
another person's business, I
cause dizzyness
Until you - stop acting like a
silly bitch
Yo, crews are jealous cause we
get props
The cops, wanna stop - our fun,
but the top
is where we're dwellin, swell
and fat, no sleep
I work fit and jerks get their
hoes sweeped
under their noses, this bro's
yo hit blunts and flip once I'm
chillin cause my crew's close,
I'm posted, most kids accept
this as cool
I exit, cause I'm an exception
to the rule
I'm steppin - to the cool spots
where crews flock to snare a dip
or see where the shit that's
flam B
Blam leakin out his pocket
So I got tons of indo and go to
the hoe in's
basement, my ace spent
Fattenin up tracks, Time to get
prolific with the whiz kid

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