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Do Yourself A Favour

Do Yourself A Favour



Isolated junkyard Letting out the garbage Eating through the core of life Sweet fragrance irritates In a stale room death awaits Persecute your own self pride Suffocate the new high Ride a thorny mule that cries Dig your grave and jump right in Like a judas pay the price Thirty pieces for a ride Here's the fire now take a chew Do yourself a favour Educate your mind Get yourself together Hey oh there ain't no time Shredded know how gives away Species of the human race Those funky winds of ups and downs Hall of grit is known too well Heaven is still your hell Poison slowly slowly drowns Let the devil step right in Lucifer's your only friend Ain't a soul gonna pity you Hurdle over time to death With open arms it waits i bet Don't you wish you could reach ground

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