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Zero Gravity (Disco Fries Remix)

Zero Gravity (Disco Fries Remix)

Track by Nulbarich


作詞:Jeremy Quartus/Ryan Octaviano

作曲:Jeremy Quartus/Ethan Augustin

A second from the past Stars are dancing in the universe ねぇ are you having fun? いつも通り going たまにガス抜きも need 壊れないように また記憶のピース かき集めて Let's get the party started You're beautiful I have many more to say I've looked around the world but I couldn't find the word So for today... * C'mon let's get down Throw your mind to the milky way C'mon let's get down Set me free, we're in zero gravity We wanna do what we wanna do 笑われたフレーズでも we do 今日は with you 後は自由 Just think about nothing 唯一のルール You always make my wish come true 好みの happiness を scoop 全部 for you I know you more than everyone else You know me more than anybody 邪魔するものは何もない To my love you are so hot 失った word なら今日はもう *Repeat We go through a lot but we will never rot Fresher than we use to be Everything is new to me Gather everyone Let's play along *Repeat *Repeat

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