Dreamer's Ball(Live, European Tour / 1979)

Dreamer's Ball(Live, European Tour / 1979)

Track by QUEEN




Oh I used to be your baby Used to be your pride and joy You used to take me dancing Just like any other boy But now you've found another partner And left me like a broken toy Oh it's someone else you're takin' Someone else you're playin' to Honey though I'm aching Know just what I have to do If I can't have you when I'm wakin' I'll go to sleep and dream I'm with you Oh take me take me take me To the dreamer's ball I'll be right on time and I'll dress so fine You're gonna love me when you see me I won't have to worry Take me take me Promise not to wake me 'till it's morning It's all been true What you say about that hey honey? You gonna take me to that dreamer's ball? I'd like that Right on down forty-second street Way down down town dreamer's town Oh take me take me take me I'm your plaything now You make my life worthwhile with the slightest smile Or destroy me with a barely perceptible whisper Gently take me remember I'll be dreamin' of my baby At the dreamer's ball Take me hold me Remember what you told me You'd meet me at the dreamer's ball I'll meet you at the dreamer's ball

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