Wreak Havoc

Wreak Havoc

Track by Skylar Grey


作詞:Jason Evigan/Skylar Grey/Glenda Proby

作曲:Jason Evigan/Skylar Grey/Glenda Proby

They call me a menace
They say that I'm cursed
But somethin' about me
is makin' 'em jealous
So listen and learn
I herd 'em like cattle
'Cause I'm surrounded by cowards
And I don't give a fuck
when I walk into battle
And thats why I got
all the power
I'm where you wanna be
Ain't no one ahead of me
All of my enemies
made a decision
It's better to follow me
I make no apologies
All of my sins
I would repeat and I repeat
'Cause I'mma be me
'til the death of me, oh yeah
I can smell your fear
The only reason that I'm here
Is to wreak havoc
Everybody prayin'
that I'll change, yeah
Maybe one day but tomorrow
I'll be back at it
'Cause bad habits they die hard
We live fast we die hard
Go against me you'll die hard
Die hard
I dine with the blood
on my hands
Thrive when I'm beatin' the man
All I learned in the pen
Is never get caught
Just get out and hit it again
Straight outta context

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