Hey Now

Hey Now

作詞:Jean-Ken Johnny

作曲:Jean-Ken Johnny/DJ Santa Monica

Same old lesson
that reality bites
Hey boy a new face here
What did you find tonight
Everything is happening
and everything ends
In the never sleeping city
of the walking dead just
Stay in that line Going down
You stay in that line
you're going down
Stay in that line Going down
So say your prayers and
make my day
Hey now Where were you while
we just started
Hey now See the angels
knock your door
Hey now Hell or Heaven
we won't mind it
Hey now Now the demons come
for more and more
Rags to riches now one of a kind
We never see the real vision
cause we're stupid and blind
What about your story
for another life
you dreamed all along
You better bet your choice right
cause it's so easy
to go wrong it's a
Free fall
So you just flip your coin
sucka IT'S A
Free fall Come on it's another
Free fall You dig your own hole
for a free fall
And I'll be there
when you are going for the
Free Fall …
Same old picture
of insanity spreads
Hey boy I bet you
can't see anything else ahead
Everybody's ignorant

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