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Indo Smoke (Album Version)

Indo Smoke (Album Version)

Track by Mista Grimm


作詞:Rojai Trawick/Warren Griffin III

作曲:Rojai Trawick/Warren Griffin III

(feat. Warren G, G-Child, Nate Dogg) [G-Child] Hey, this is the G-Child, spaceketeers Are ya in the house baby, are ya in the house You know what I'm sayin, cuz its that time For you to kicks the funk online as we rewind, then it will combine [Mista Grimm] Smokin on the bud, feelin kinda high Sippin on the gin, feelin kinda fly A Warren G production sits in the tape deck As Mista Grimm raps over laps, don't say shit Just, listen and recline for a spell Pass the fat spliff back and forth (oh yeah) Stuck, unable to breathe through the Chronic Cloud that somehow prevents me from installin fresh air [Warren G] Ahh, Indosmoke Pass me the joint so I can take a toke 1 puff, 2 puff, 3 puff, 4 puff, 5 I'm feelin real high Leaning to the side in my muthafuckin ride With the OG gangsta glide Woo!, hey now ya know Inhale, exhale with my flow Breakaway, come again like this The LB to the C two times to miss Cuz if you do, you break you get broke Me and Mista G and the indosmoke ["smoke" x4 in background] [Chorus x2: Nate Dogg] ["Are you high yet?" (repeated in background)] Whatever you do muthafucka you betta not choke This ain't no stress, its the muthafuckin indo smoke [Mista Grimm] Fee, fi, foe, really doe I'm still smokin and sippin, talkin like a pimp Freakin, seekin new lands without transport Cuz indo smoke is a man's sport I never feel stressed and thats the realist Just a proper herb for my chronic illness Please, let me go on with my day Relax with phat tracks and a real fat J Ooh, I think I'm in love Astounded from what it did sended me far above On a fly cloke I can brag for days You can't swim with Grimm Because my tidal wave's - high And that's no joke Because Mista Grimm takes flight from the indo smoke ["smoke" x4 in background] [Chorus x2] [Mista Grimm] Ignition to remission blast off through the cos Most of the voyage I enjoy is just a cause I sonic boom when I return back to earth Birth of a new rhyme will take no time I'm prepared, papers and a lighter to provoke A comical scene to watch Mista Grimm choke Then gain composure, compose a symphony From C-H-R-O-N-I-C and Mista G mixed together nicely Combining lick the linings vaula A fat Chronic sack you can put in your jaw H and R puff the stuff in ya lungs Smokin on the Chronic, gettin straight sprung Stretched, taken to the extreme feelin Dancin on the ceilin like Lionel If ya hear me on some vinyl I break em till they can't be broke As I soak, in da indo smoke ["smoke" x4 in background] [Nate Dogg] ["Are you high yet?" repeated in background] Take a trip with Nate Dogg to the Eastside We will show you wether our gangstas love to get high We get high on every street in Long Beach So don't come to my hood thinkin' that you can save me Niggas from (?) foreign (?) land (?) wanna come to the East and reveal (?) I gotta viscious left hook and you're damn right I will steal Shots go out to my nigga Mista Grimm and you know Warren G I gotta nigga named Gangsta Rod, you know B-Tip you know me My name is Nate D-O double G and I'm comin straight from the East Don't think you dont know where I'm from, I'm from 213 [Outro: G-Child] Yeah, you know what I'm sayin 19 ninety muthafuckin 3 (hey) I got my muthafuckin niggaz in the house I got my nigga Mista Grimm in the house (uh, ah) I got my nigga B-Tip in the house (uh, ah) I got my nigga Nate Dogg in the house (uh, ah) I got my nigga Ricky Rod in the house (uh, ah) I got the nigga Butch in the house (uh, ah) I got my nigga Greg in the house (uh, ah) He's engineering this, check it out You know what I'm sayin Long Beach in the house We hooked up with some people from West Covina My nigga Mista Grimm, but you know Ain't nothing but a G Thang, uh G Thang, but you don't hear me though, yeah Are you high yet? [laugh] [x2] Are ya high big baby? Are ya high? [laugh] [x2] Nigga I asked you is you high (I'm fucked up) I ain't be gotten no women, nigga is you high, shit (I'm fucked up) Oh we can do this then, Hey, let's go Its over big baby, hey

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