Young Heart Run Free

Young Heart Run Free

Track by Pam Hall


what's the sense of sharing this one and only life ending up just another lost and lonely wife you count up the years and they will be filled with tears love only breaks up to start all over again you'll get the babies but you won't have your man while he's busy loving every woman that he can say i'm gonna leave a hundred times a day it's easier said than done when you just can't break away ooh young hearts run free never be hung up, hung up like my man and me my man and me ooh young hearts to yourself be true don't be no fool when love really don't love you it's high time now just one crack at life who wants to live it in trouble and strife my mind must be free to learn all i can about me i'm gonna love him for the rest of my days encourage the babies everytime they say self preservation is what's really going on today say i'm gonna turn loose a thousand time a day but how can i turn loose when i just can't break away

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