Close Your Eyes

Close Your Eyes

作詞:Meghan Trainor/Kevin Kadish

作曲:Meghan Trainor/Kevin Kadish

Everybody's on the same page
No new chapters
We'll never change
Everybody wants to be cool,
yes they do
And I'm just like them
But I won't be no fool
I guess I could waste
all my time and my money
Just trying to look right
But it doesn't change who I am
in my heart
if I look like a dime
So I want you to close your eyes
Sing to the world tonight
And show them what's beautiful
I don't care what they think
No I'm not listening
Cause I know I'm beautiful
So close your eyes
Sh-sh-show them what's beautiful
Sh-sh-show them what's beautiful
Come on, show them
Sh-sh-show them what's beautiful
Sh-sh-show them what's...
Sh-sh-show them what's beautiful
Everybody's born to be different
That's the one thing

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