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Track by Wu-Tang Clan


作詞:C. Smith/D. Coles/D. Hill/E. Turner/R. Diggs

Verse 1: I never gave fuck how next nigga felt I rock heavy weight belt that is the way I felt Still feel so despite around social network No other MCs care about how I felt Don't forget the first time you heard me ryming way Wu Don't forget the first time you heard "Protect Your Neck" how you felt There are no other hiphop record never made you felt Hostile play hands don't forget no matter how I feel Verse 2: Everytime we touch the mic you know our lyrics spread World Wide We all loud out all Polaroid We get busy to teach you because we know how we feel Get now self express how we felt So each and every person recognize how they felt Watch your mind set cause the evil could be felt You never know when I came out how my brothers felt I've been through a lot of deep pain I felt We be bitter last night but better tomorrow Verse 3: I felt the angel of death breath When I felt fore fitch my stomach squeezed I felt like that was the end of dynasty Like I fought against Chinese click of five Karate slippers and slip on So I kept slipping the floor is too smooth I felt like I couldn't catch grippin' Felt like Dragon Fly George on Dragon Fly Tone So I kept sippin' I woke up when I heard the phone Verse 4: I never gave fuck how next nigga felt I take the rappers belt I kept the cap that's how I felt I don't need the help I only need my Sharpie to sharp need to say how I felt Mark walk on the water I see how Jesus felt No rhyme for the reasons every breeding I felt Despite of the pieces I could how I felt These boys Milli Vanneli made me believing You couldn't tell me how cheating felt I'm not a failure so I couldn't tell you how loser felt Might not a millionaire but I can tell you how the fortune felt Remember the first time you heard rapping it said how we felt I burst murder weapons so I know how it felt


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