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Shut Up

Shut Up

作曲:Andy Taylor/John Taylor/Robert Palmer/Tony Thompson

Get 'em off me, get 'em off me Get their hands and their legs from above me When you want it and you need it But you can't seem to quite understand it Get 'em off me, get 'em off me Take their legs and their elbows from around me Schizophrenia don't mean that you're living - In the world not a dream I said shut up, you're not incurably ill You got the motivation, you got the pill Don't mess it up, I go down on my knees Don't blow it big time babe, I'm begging you please I said shut up I said shut up What you complaining about? You got the tonic money, you got the truth Don't mess it up Let's stick together on this We got everything and more, so baby - Why should we quit? I said shut up

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