Drop In the Ocean

Drop In the Ocean
Waiting here patiently for you
to say that
You sent him on his way, you
sent him on his way
And I know you're worried, been
tossing and turning
It's keeping you awake, thinking
it was a mistake
But it's time
You knew he was no good, had to
let him go
You'll be fine
Just reach out your hand now,
you got mine to hold
I'm telling you that ooh, we
were meant to be
Darling can't you see that I'm
your whole wide world
And he's a drop in the ocean
Ooh, wouldn't you agree
I'm the only ship that's sailing
on your sea
And he's a drop in the ocean
He's a drop in the ocean, ha
A drop in the ocean
Ha, a drop in the ocean
He's a drop in the ocean
See what the earth brings
Don't sweat the small things
It's gonna be alright, it's
gonna be alright

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