Blue Angels

Blue Angels

Track by Pras




Dirty Cash *echoes*
Dirty Cash *echoes*
Yeah, uhh
[singers] Uhhh! Blue Angels,
Blue Angels, Blue Angels!
Yo, yo, yo
Yo it's the ghetto diplo',
bridgin like the Tri-Boro
Victory is endless cause we all
want a hero
Blazing Saddles so stop horsing
From sunup to sundown, it's the
world renowned
It's hard to be real when them
cats are make believe
Stop it please, come run wit
If you can't feel me, then get
up and leave
Cause I'm automated life flyin,
Fate is on her knees
Locate the object, pinpoint my
movin target
Pray for them, and bless em,
like Sister Margaret
Got more alumni than the grad
school of Harvard
Beat Street the movie was my
all time favorite
So can you stand the smell of a
black powder
My B.I. is 700, horsepower
Burnin rubber, break you off
somethin proper
Love it or not, I'm the man of
the hour, yeah
Just when you thought my shine
was burnin out
Them cats were down and out, in
the heat of the night
There ain't no problems baby we
can't get through
You gotta believe in me, and
I'll believe in you
Uhhh! Blue Angels, Blue Angels,
Blue Angels!
Yo.. yo, yo, yo
Yo she was hot to death, like
the story Macbeth
When your marked for death it's
a matter of life or death
I'ma cherish and nourish every
single breath
When there's no one left, I'ma
carry your footprints
step by step, walkin through
the, twentieth
century, eyes on me
When the dogs start barkin you
must set them free
Go in-Between the Sheets just
like the Isley's
I'ma kill em precisely,
Choose my women wisely,
Charlie's Angels got my back
as if I was Bosley, bout to get

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