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A Liar Cried Wolf

A Liar Cried Wolf

Go, reach your own hype Break your disguise Tell me what you want It ain't easy No, you can't deny What you've tried to hide Just tell me what you mourn I think that you want me to know I've been thinking that you wanted me to fail my love And this is a situation An assault, a wasteful contemplation Will I dream of a life That is open and just mine Will I reach for the sky? Save your love You'd rather see us dead You'd rather kill the sun instead Of believing me This liar No, this ain't a fight This is a trial A maze of things that never seem to expire And love I've done all to indulge I've never claimed I was bold You claimed the truth as untold I think that I want you to go I've been thinking that I wanted you to fail my love Now this is a situation A tragedy, a waste of affirmation 'Cause I dream of right It is open and insight I will reach for the skies Save your love You'd rather see us dead I'd rather steal the sun instead Than being with you Now can you see me love A liar with justice in his heart You better believe Breathing now Safe and sound in land No, you can't break me now Strong and sound At heart

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