Tok Tok

Tok Tok

作曲:Tom Bailey

(Scarecrow) 6 in tha mornin' police kick in my door Slipped on my lugz Cuz these thugs out the back yo Jumped the back gate Cranked the Chevy Then I race Popped in the tape A motherfuckin' Three 6 Mafia tape I'm crunked off the bump Pumpin' through my backseat Speedin' hit the weed Though the end of the streets of Memphis Tennesee Got my stacks and some bags sittin' in the stash spot Tatooes on my legs and a hot 40 glock They got the hard on for the Infamous nigga Call me Scarecrow Used slangin' man, but I don't do that no more I'm feelin' like I'm the most wanted Every cop is an opponent In the dash On my ass, on the cherry buck flash And I'm real Man I got to get the fuck out of here I had to ditch the Chevy Callin' my mafia niggas to scooped me up The blocks are crawlin' with cops I can't go down, them slugs bust I'm runnin' through yards and shit Tryin' to dodge them tricks I'm a movin' target I spotted my nigga out there On the real, gonna rde with out no fly shit He didn't hesistate, we climbed up out my side of town I told him bout' the drama in the ride and how it went down I got a lay low cool (??) before I get back in it Anti-peace and po-police I beat them with glocks back to the street I can't get caught, cause the new law say in it "ain't no deals" I would decease these devil police, therefore I do twenty years Every nigga and grill they drop a dime to papers I gotta pull a quick capa before I catch the vapors 12 a-m the next day Gotta bank the seas Gotta preacher please (??) throw in the keys Down to my nigga Got the passport to get my overseas Under the palm trees But you know me a quarter key But my pan was injured The silent alarm was triggered I heard a cop say come out with fuckin' hands up Nigga now I got to show my Prophet (??) My only way out was to take me some hostages They keep askin' me over and over for demands I told them back up Or she got brains on her pants The gun was to her head, I told them don't make me shoot But little did I know they had a sniper on the roof

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