Love You More English version

Love You More English version

作詞:Maria Okada


Yeah baby
I wanna tell you now …
Baby I love you more
It's better when we are together
From the day we met
you are my treasure
It's hard to hang up
'cause I dig your phone call
(phone call)
You can count on me
I'm so into you
I won't let you down
my heart belongs to you
till the end of time …
Telling all my friends
she's not like others
I've found my one, my only lover
Nothing can stop me now yeah
I'm crazy crazy crazy crazy
for you
Come close to me
and close your eyes
Don't fly away
girl hold me tight
I need you in my world
You're my everything
Wanna see your smile everyday
All my nights and all my days
Every minute every hour baby
I love you more
Catch a little kiss from the sky
Just wanna have you by my side
We will never ever
be apart I'm sure
And I will(And I will),
and you will(and you will)
write perfect love story
When you talk to me
the whole world stops and I...
Baby I really love you more
(Baby I love you more)
Waiting for love like
this forever
Sharing the moment
makes me wonder
Do I deserve this flower
oh my sweet girl(sweet girl)
But everytime I hold your hand
I got a feeling that
this burning will not end
'cause I feel something real …
The rain is gonna wash away
your blue
Let's turn the page
let's make it through
Don't you know
I'll be true to you
I'm crazy crazy crazy crazy

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