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Track by Future


作詞:Nayvadius Wilburn/James Rosser Jr./Brandon Rackley

作曲:Nayvadius Wilburn/James Rosser Jr./Brandon Rackley

I got a bandana 'round my head like I'm 2pac My little brother he ain't scared he got two Glocks Put some blonde in my dreads i went 2pac Hes my young nigga he'll shoot you for a two pack A bandana 'round my head like I'm 2pac My lil' cousin duckin' Feds ridin' with 2 choppas Aye when you matchin head to toe they say you too fly Got a bandana 'round my head like im 2pac Got a bandana 'round my head screaming thug life I get faded of them Xans and a muddy drink Got a bandana round my head like I'm Soulja Keep that choppa on a nigga like Magnolia Put some blonde in my dread I went 2pac For my brother 16 birthday bought him a new Glock These niggas taking off your head for a new watch My young nigga he ain't scared he want another body I done fucked around and cashed out on sum new exotics Bitch ain't never speak now englo I went too tropic Tie Bandana 'round my head like I'm Birdie I left my dope with my grandma had her servin' These hood bitches loving a nigga like I'm alpo My lil cousin got that yoppa on him and he broke Got designer on my collar like im bon Jovi I got all these problems I just bought a bunch of doddy These niggas killing everyobodys bitches fuck that dirty pussy These niggas ain't used to pimping they gon' pay for pussy Got that bandana round my head like a rebel boy All this molly in my system I can see the devil And I'm Playin round wit these presidents Still tote a 100 round wit a felony Keep a few kilos on me nephew These links on me they Cuban Got banna clips on banna clips on bannana clips

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