Just Rockin'

Just Rockin'
Each and every day when I come
home from school
Like clockwork I go up into my
I secure the door and it's the
moment of truth
I flip on my sound system and
let the bass loose
The earthquake bass makes the
walls all tremble
A discotheque is what my room
How loud it gets to me it does
not matter
I open up the windows so the
glass don't shatter
The blast falls off my
neighbour's wall
My phone rings of the hook with
complaint phone calls
But I just let it ring and I
don't go near it
I turn the volume up so that I
can't hear it ring
My ear drums rumble my lungs
I'm in my own world and this
realm is great
We rock this power at my command
The decibels exceed the limits
human ears can stand
The lower frequency better
known as bass
Sitting nice with the treble at
a jazzy pace
My neighbours complain they say
they can't endure
They form a congregation
outside my front door
Mothers who yell saying its too
Start banging on my door to
turn it down
My response to my mother when
she starts knockin
Is come on mum I'm just rockin
(ready rock c)
This style that's mine is
rarely heard
Suddenly there is an
opportunity to observe
People gots my rhyme the super
The literary genius rhyme ruler
of the future
I'm the fresh prince slaying
all emcee
So hold the red cup when we
take to your knees
Pay home submit you can't
defuse my scheme
Cause I'm the fresh prince and
this is my regime
To all other rappers you're
being subdued
I don't mean to be rude but
this is my prelude
This introductory performance
has just one plot
A sample jeff and about me and
my DJ rocks
I'm not listening to reason so
don't try to talk
Do yourself a favour and take a
Or I'll amputate your mic and
repossess your core
I'm the man salute to the
prince the power lord
My friends I'll mangle you if
we tangle put my arms in your
asophogus and I'll strangle you

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