Get Down

Get Down

作詞:nana hatori

作曲:Philip Woo/KEN for 2SOUL MUSIC Inc./kyte

My mama said
that I can accomplish anything
that I set my mind to
(Do what you want to)
I'm not afraid to take chances
Always wanna feel the thrill of
living life of the edge
It doesn't always go my way
But I'll keep on trying, trying
The fun of paving my own way
Sometimes you gotta
loosen up to win
Enjoy the party back at
square one
Come on and get down,
down, down with me now
Come on and get down (ooh)
with me now
Let's turn it around,
round, round, be free now
I'll show you life ain't
nothing but
a party so get ready to dance
Now listen up!
Cause I've got no time to
sit around
and play with the haters
(I'll see you later)
Baby I'm busy chasing my future
Gotta make the move,
and groove
to the beat of my heart
No one can stop you but yourself
Keep working it harder, harder
No need to please somebody else
Do it for passion,

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