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Track by NE-YO


作詞:S.SMITH/S. Owens/Erik Norwood

作曲:S.SMITH/S. Owens/Erik Norwood

Dialogue 1 I feel a rise burning into the back of my head If she could kill me with a look, I'd already be dead Excited at the thought of possibly two in my bed I said some shit that I instantly, regretted I said I hid my deception with absolute discretion Only to turn around and give up an accidental confession I turned to look at her, and she's just standing there Facial expression says it all, war has been declared Verse 1 She said, is there anything you want to tell me? I'm standing there with my head down and I'm thinking ooooh no Here we go, what the hell was I thinking, man I wish I was drinking So I could blame it on the liquor, why did I paint the picture Why did I think it was something that she would even consider Now I'm avoiding eye contact as if I owe her money Tryna laugh it off, and clearly she don't think it's funny And then she stepped to me coming so steady Looked at me like she knew already I betrayed her trust it weighs heavy On my head, and then she said Hook Why can't I feel loved? Ooohh why can't I feel loved? What am I not worthy of? Oohh why can't I feel loved? Ooohhh Dialogue 2 But she wanted something real, something true With tears in her eyes she says, I breathe in you I said please don't leave, please don't go away She said you broke my heart, how could I stay? It'll be a year before I see integrity again NE-YO, what are you doing? Bruh, don't you know you have a show 10 minutes from now? NE-YO Relax, I'm not drunk Guess who I ran into today?


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