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Ruckus in B Minor

Ruckus in B Minor

Track by Wu-Tang Clan


作詞:A. Younge/C. Smith/D. Hill/E. Turner/G. Grice/J. Hunter/L. Hawkins/R. Diggs

*Commentary: RZA & ODB RZA After all these years What you said, WAS true The Shaolin and Wu-Tang is very dangerous Intro: ODB *Laughing* This The ODB kid! Once again comin' through your area! And I'm gonna tell ya one time You gonna love this! Verse 1:GZA I had to get the money Said it wasn't a choice Die hearts on the bars Ladies lovin' the voice Morphine flow, numbin' your joints Bomb a nigga like he number 81 from Detroit! Zombie life, world war z Into dope till your virus, your highness The world on me Capital G, Cool as the dude from Dos Equis! So deadly, ya'll make it rain, I snow heavy Sick made, Nick Cage, high rival fighter Forever with bars, sort of like a lifer With the Sons of Anarchy, I be Breaking Bad Walkin Dead, they dreamin' of makin' it bad Dancin With The Stars, American Idol me The mentalist with the big bang theory Chorus: METHOD MAN (x2) Still number one! Still number one! Still number one, one, one! Verse 2: U-GOD The most duplicated, anticipated, validated Urban legends in the books with the ones who made it Highly celebrated, everything was work related Current top 40,got the Wu And they up in it 20 years killa bees, ya we hold a pendent Monumental stance on the cover with my co-defendants Drop a sentence, in remembrance Struck these jewels so they can live through my descendants Bridge: METHOD MAN Youngin' I can see ya' drawls, pull ya' pants up Can't even call yourself a man until ya' man up! And if you call yourself a fan you need to stand up! This ain't a party it's a jux keep ya' hands up! And I don't care who run the city when the summer come Ya' summer done, Wu forever we're still number one Chorus(x2) Verse 3: CAPPADONNA Put ya'll nigga's on the strip Get rich off of drug shit Puffin' other niggas on, teachin' em' thug shit Then they wanna stick em' up, then they get slugged quick Hood type niggas always livin' that crime life Jealous ass grimy niggas seein' the limelight Slimy old nigga like fuckin' ya man's wife Foolish shouldn't use the word brother the man died Verse 4: GHOSTFACE KILLAH Although I spend my win, all across New York Get it out, and all types of ice as a sport 1 chain, 2 chain, 3 chain, 4 Nigga's mouths drop like the leaves in the fall Tune got that WBC; I take off heavy in air balloons Land in the Fiji's That's my bird, and that's my word Ya fellas keep fuckin' around and get curbed Verse 5: GZA Back in through time Form circles like the rings of Saturn Dust rocks and ice in a particular pattern Then this fascinating picture has emerged and surfaced A wonder of the young world with urge and purpose A wildfire engulfing every home It's history, chiseled and carved in every stone A workshop where skills are learned Handcrafted and drafted written works a main concern Urbans united with a social structure And a curious culture full of super conductors Each stain is part of a scene which Educate geometric raps on a large screen Stuck bounding, marvelous, and its surrounding Viewpoints remain the same it's all astounding A place where the forgotten art is so powerful The striking image is something that's so viral Commentary: ODB *adlibs* Verse 6: RZA GZA, this is called Ruckus in B Minor Rae, all those bad times is behind us Ghost; put that mask on to remind us! Method man let em know whose New York's Finest! Bridge Chorus (x3) Verse 7: RAEKWON My lines is like Peruvian coke Go ahead and slide one My recipe is A1 remarkable with my mixture Rain man, Mathematician city slicker The finest threads cover my frame The cloth of royalty Strive with an army of winner and no pretenders We live free and achieve more First we gotta win with no stale mate The all eyes seein' is victorious to the sand man Verse 8: MASTA KILLA All my truck tanks are bullet proof Been the truth, lure the track to the booth My thought ready, aim shoot My knowledge 120 proof, we tear the roof off Let's pray and make STA Can I make love love club Packed stadium rock I hold the mic snug spillin' slugs Black ninja mask and glove Still number one! Still number one!


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