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Intro ~Open Heart~

Intro ~Open Heart~



Lyrics: Leah Goldberg Music: Achinoam Nini \\Gil Dor Transliteration: Kirvati kekirvat hayam, Gazlu et shnati, Nishmat apech nashvah min hayam, Vatachdor meluchah, El beiti. Vegalim bedachyam, Olim bevichyam, Limromei ahavati, Boi kala. Beyare'ach adom mul hayam, Mefakeh damech. Beyare'ach adom mul hayam, Dami vedamech. Vegalim bedachyam, Zo'akim bevichyam, Et shmech, et shmech, et shmech, Boi kala. Eich esgor et chaloni, Ukrovah hasufah ? Eich esgor et chaloni, Ve'at yechefah ? Eich esgor et chaloni, Vehayam kara ? Eich esgor et chaloni, Ve'at erah ? Vehao'ach milev haleil, Et shnati kara ? Boi kala. Translation: The nearness of the sea and you Obliterates all hopes of rest Your salty breath has blown over the sea To penetrate my breast The rising of my love Is like the waves at tide... Come, my bride. In a red moon over sea Your blood is burning In a red moon I can see Our blood is turning The rising tide Will call and cry Your name, your name in yearning Come, my bride. Come, my bride... How can I close my window When the storm is near? How can I close my window When your feet are bare? How can I close my window When the ocean weeps How can I, knowing you're Awake somewhere... The owl shattered my sleep When in the night he cried, Come, my bride.

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