Track by Lewis Capaldi


作詞:Fiona Bevan/Jonathan Quarmby/ Lewis Capaldi

作曲:Fiona Bevan/Jonathan Quarmby/ Lewis Capaldi

Every little part of me is
holding on to
every little piece of you
Is holding on to every drop of
blood you drew
Is holding onto you
And every waking hour I spend
Holding out for reasons
not to go to bed
I'm holding out
for someone else
to hold instead
If every hope of you is dead
'Cause every night
since you cut and run
I feel like the only one
who's ever been the lonely one
Trying to mend a heart
that keeps breaking
With every step
that you're taking
'Cause you've been
running circles 'round
My mind, turning me inside out
And I fell for you
but hit the ground
'Cause the only love
I've known has let me
Down and I need lifting up
Now you ain't here
I'm sleeping rough
And I'm praying
I can pray enough
So waking up without
you ain’t so tough
Find it hard to find my feet
When I keep on stumbling
over you and me
But I keep on trying
'cause I know I need
To outrun the memories
And every day I'm reminded of

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