The Magnificent Jazzy Jeff

The Magnificent Jazzy Jeff
Some DJ's are (good)
Some DJ's are (fresh)
Some DJ's are even (def)
But here's a little sumtin
about my DJ
(the magnificent)
Jazzy Jeff
So bust this beat
Well it's true that I'm the
reigning kick of the throne
But with all my strength I
couldn't do it alone
I need a DJ like (Jazzy) to
back me up
So when I'm rockin on the mic
he's on the cross fade cut
Scratching and mixing mixing
and scratching
Second after second it's the
record he's catching
His hands are so fast that it's
a medical riddle
With the turntables split and
the mixer in the middle
Back and forth his hands fly
with the speed of a cheetah
that will puzzle your eye
Record after record he has no
Cuts left cuts right then he
cuts vice versa
I'm not exaggerating I said it
and I meant it
I'll resent it if you say it is
cut unprecedented
He's a lean mean wrecking
He gets respected like a king
when he's on the scene
So bust a move cause you know
he's def
He's my DJ
(the magnificent)
Jazzy Jeff
People often ask me everytime I
Why do I brag so much about my
disc jockey
Well the reason that I brag and
I boast the most
Is cause my DJ is the most from
coast to coast
(the magnificent) Jazzy Jeff
wack destroyer
Cutting up records like a
samurai warrior
If your DJ's don't know who I'm
talking too
(I'm talking to you)
So (cut) cause in a battle you
cannot win
My DJ will (tear your butt limb
from limb)
He's like a wanna be tank a hip
hop rebel

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