That Way

That Way

Track by Shakira


作詞:Olivia Waithe

作曲:Olivia Waithe

I've got my baggage and You've got yours I know we've been damaged Been through it all You know that feeling you get just before a Beautiful disaster Right on the top Looking down from a terrifying Rolling roller coaster Oh baby can you hear the sound My broken heart's beating faster now In your arms But I know that I'm safe here in your arms CHORUS Lay down Lay down your head on my shoulder Hey now Let's just depart from the notion That I love you too much, And I'm here to stay I'm not giving up, I'm not running away So we're gonna leave it that way That way This is much bigger than you and I To live without love would be suicide I'll sing you a song, close Your pretty eyes, I Like to hear you breathing It's like the soundtrack of my life The only Memory I'm keeping Oh baby can you hear the sound Your broken heart's beating faster now In my arms I promise that you're safe here in my arms CHORUS That way...

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