They Don't Live Long

Track byTrick Daddy

  • 2001.06.05
  • 3:53


You gon save that? Na na na na naaaaaa Na na na na naaaaaa Yea Thug niggas don't live that long (Thug niggas don't live that long) Before they gone they'll be dead and gone But I'll be waiting 'till they come back home (I'll be waiting for you) Verse 1 I wanna buy me a benz but I'm fifty-grand short I got to get this cheese without a nigga getting caught 2 freaks is in the jungle now I'm taking care of mama now My lil dog caught a case, I got to bail him out I got you bobbin to this real shit So reason why a nigga kill shit That's how it is, shit See papa was a rolling stone He left mama alone She raised us on her own Them bitches curious Why I'm soo motherf**king serious Hard times got me pumped up and furious I want y'all to free all my dawgs Before I get my gun and start killing your halls Call me the butcherman I take my beef straight to the man I put it so only thug niggas understand Keep bitches out your game get paid Just remember and respect what the old girl said Chorus Verse 2 I got some niggas on the other side One day I got to take a ride And let them know I still represent the Southside No more shopping at the flea I'm rolling D's and Lo's I'm getting head, feeling bread from these sleezy hoez And can't nann bitch forget that nigga Hollywood Big ends steering wheel made of wood I heard it was four niggas three shit, one ho nigga I'm out the pen with you Howdy folk Who gon die next Who mama gon cry next Who sister giving away the slack pus That's how we living though Dead and gone before he twenty-four Or in jail, but y'all don't hear me though As I continue with this thug shit With all this blood and shit But all us thug niggas love this For the love of greed and riches But money don't need no bitches So I'm killing all snitches Chorus Bridge I'm doing this one for the thugs and the niggas on the corner selling drugs for the thugs Yes sir (repeat 2x) Verse 3 If I was a hundred dollar bill I'd make you niggas kill for me Go to prison do about a hundred years for me Get a gat and go jack robin steele for me Just to pay a bitch bills with me I'm dissing every nigga who got me f**king A bitch better f**k for pregnent nuts You see it be them same niggas 'Cause coochie ass lame niggas (Last time) Learn some motherf**king thangs nigga Now picture me as a killa (killa) Young crack dope deala (dope deala) I'm doing this one for my niggas Who ride for this Who even lost they life for this And them niggas who survivin this They don't live that long Chorus 2x Thug Niggas don't live that long Singing portion of the chorus repeated untill fade


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