Perfect Way

Perfect Way

作曲:Green Gartside/David Gamson

I took a backseat, a
backhander, I took her back to
her room
I better get back to the basics
for you, Oh yea
You have a conscience, a
compassion, you got a way with
the word
You gotta heart full of
complacency too
Yes I like that darling
I don't have a purpose or
mission, I'm empty by definition
I've got a lack girl that you'd
love to be
You wanna diva
a deduction you wanna do what
they do
Wanna do damage that you can
Apart from everyone away from
your love
A part of me belongs apart from
all the hurt above
I got a perfect way to make a
new proposition
I got a perfect way to make a
I got a perfect way to make a
certain a maybe
I got a perfect way to make
the girls go crazy
I took a day job, amendment, I
took a liking to you
I took a page out of my
rulebook for you
You want a message, a
confession, you want to martyr
me too
You want a margin of error for
Yes I like that one baby
Maybe tomorrow the next letter
or when the weather gets better
I've got to wait here for your
moon to turn blue,
I made an offer, an exception,
I made a sense out of you

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