The Art Of Letting Go

The Art Of Letting Go

Track by Mariah Carey


作詞:M. Carey/R. Jerkins

作曲:M. Carey/R. Jerkins

I'm making a statement
Of my own opinion
Just a brief Iil' reminder
To help myself remember
I no longer live
in your dominion...
You're just trifling
Nothing more than a liability
I got a bundle of
your possesions
Outside the kitchen window
right now and letting
Letting go ain't easy
Oh it's just exceedingly hurtful
Cause somebody you used
to know is flinging
your world around
And they watch as you're
falling down down down
Falling down baby
Evidently your words were
merely lies
Reverberating in my ears
And the echo won't subside
There's a deep deep
loss of hope
And the anger burns in me
I hope you don't get no ideas
bout reuniting baby
'Cause that's the last thing
I truly need
Your audacity is too much

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