Track by Eve



Do you believe in heaven or do you believe in pain? A sanctuary built for the mischosen Is it the final contradiction or just an irony of fate? Doomed we are to drown in an empty ocean In Misery's dawn... Can't you see? God's forgotten children struggle for their lives While innocent convictors celebrate the knive "I'll always be with you" - But I've never really been On your way back to the gallows, destiny's fulfilled Misery's dawn Can't you see? Misery's dawn Together from a black sea of stars we shall arise To fall down once more, failure in disguise In tragedy's harvest the fruit's a bitter loss They broke your wings and make you tumble down... at any cost You burned me with your poisoned seed of doubt Why do you want me to suffer? Is this the day of geaven or is this the day of pain? I closed my heart forever as the blade slowly opened your veins... Misery's dawn Can't you see? This is my private misery

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