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Oh Cruel World

Oh Cruel World

Track by The Strypes


作詞:Ross Farrelly/Josh McClorey/Pete O'Hanlon/Evan Walsh

作曲:Ross Farrelly/Josh McClorey/Pete O'Hanlon/Evan Walsh

Verse You're deep in the trap, She created the sun the moon and the sound of whip crack, Rebirth on Saturday no turning back, You're a slave to this experience that I lack Pre Chorus We used to shake and we'd do damage, Now we shake hands cause its good manners, I scroll left to see us going clean bananas Now its just tea cups and pyjamas Chorus Oh cruel world, Lose it all to the girl, Do it all for the girl and the boys look on Interlude Verse And although you can't see, That all your used to be's since 15 are over here still rolling with me, Funny how it goes but I guess I'll never know till it happens to me Pre Chorus Chorus

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