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Cole World (Intro)

Cole World (Intro)

作詞:Khaled Khaled

作曲:Khaled Khaled

(DJ Khaled:) Ayo, Keyshia Cole, I'm just gon' tell you how it is They wanna finish you, they want you broke They want you miserable, they want you unhappy That will never happen They played themselves We the greatest ever It's a process for progress I respect those that weather the storm We weather any storm We gon' continue climbing the mountaintop More wounds, more success, more blessings Notice how I said 'more' It's a cole world-a Keyshia Cole world Bundle up, special cloth alert-DJ KHALED! (Keyshia Cole:) Special (Another one) cloth alert A cole, cole, cole, Cole World And I put that on everything A cole, cole, cole, Cole World

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