Let's Do It

Track byCoolio

  • 1997.08.26
  • 4:32


Let's do it, get to it X3 let's do it Verse 1: another saturday night I'm feeling kind of smoky I'm down with the phoney but I don't want no phobia eventhough I'm tursty and lonely at least I come up with "speak this" but not up on my stomach I wanna doctor generic I can't tell a lie, something on her eye, what a surprise I called up the homies said let's go to the spot where the drinks ain't too cold and the girls ain't too hot now we're in the house but the house is kind of empty Rax is running 'round the room, but wait I smoke too soon oh damn look what just walked in, pimps in ribbs it smells like them baby you look good with that cute dress on maybe someday me and you could be as one let's get to know eachother better I can sing you a song and you can write me a love letter Chorus X2: baby you can do it, take your time do it right you can do it baby baby Verse 2: damn I'm feeling frisky, come and sit down with me conversation 'bout little hanky spanky and dranky wanky tell me about your inner thoughts, most needs and decides and I tell you about mine, we can spend some quality time you roll a man with the vision and the frame now listen in this mission I can hit the dirty dash with thirtysix in my missile, but I just wanna bang little faster how could you mama, have love for our daddy, any time at home we're on the turcy bacon and riding in the benz my name is on your named label now I am the man I'm the doc then you can play the nurse but we gotta have patients eventhough we have no anxiety but they can show us the disease go off then 'cause love don't come around here too often so take my number and we get together later and I take yours, all the numbers call me a raider (chorus x2) Verse 3: a few months with four more calls and some dinners moon late nights, go to bed and automatic love spinners top down in the watchin' wild californian sunset and when we zoom, what up, why don't you respect that we need it so we use it 'cause our relationships is heated not above you, you know what I meaning they started go with some kisses and some touches few more priests 'cause we don't wanna rush you they say I'm fast sinner, no rasism I'm a witness 'cause we all witness we all take the study cases hand in hand, what man to man I know everything about her and she know everything about me and we made love for the first time in a bad way in a perfect state of mind it's a whole lot more than your having smoked the grind you better get yours 'cause I got mine (chorus x4) take your time, take your time take your time, take your time take your time, take your time (chorus x2) let's do it, get to it..........(vocals fading)