evils fall

evils fall

作詞:Kamikaze Boy/Jean-ken Johnny

作曲:Kamikaze Boy

Run away right now
Abandon this place with never
looking back
Alert clangs through
The fear starts to rule
Reign of insanity continues
to attack
Thick smog is around
What I see what I fear
The silence with a sound
Slight bright eyes
with ferocious lights
Never have I had this feeling
that surrounds
Black shadows from
the sky up above
The force of the evil?
Whatever what it was
Plateau burning
turning into hell
Far away somewhere the ring of
the church bell
Run about on Hide from the dark
Without what to do the fate is
The silence surrounds
with the clattering sound
We follow our fate
with nowhere to go
In my mind all find
Standing alone
I believed that I stand
by my own
In my mind Overbind Complication
I've denied all relations
we have
But I belong to you
You belong to me
Now I belong to you
You belong to me
Yesterday went away
People roam and they know
there's nowhere to ascend
Dropped on the land
What is in our hand
Haunting in our dreams are
we heading to the end
The new world kicks us away
Age of the lost keeps spitting
on our face
So helpless waiting for the call
Rescue me lord as the evils fall
Someone from somewhere breathes
out his voice
To never give up
relinquish the choice
Miracles always made by our own
Comes from ourselves
and not from that throne
Haunt about dropped on the land
Though maybe crushed one day

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